We have various resources which may be of interest to our customers. Our case studies offer you an insight into what we have achieved at various customer locations. We detail the problem and the way we tackled it and give a brief overview of benefits gained and lessons learned.

Our Community page gives you information about how to engage with other users and provides an overview of the various Open Source projects that we’re involved in.

On ourĀ  Testimonials page, we’ve collected stories from users and companies who have something to say about how they use our products daily.

We occasionally write White Papers about various methods we use to help solve problems, or to document certain best practises when tackling a given task.



For software with a focus on platform-independent automation. RAAF Technology creates software that gives companies world wide the oportunity to automate in a uniform and structured environment. For specialists with a clear view on the case at hand. RAAF Services offers specialist engagement services in various expertise areas.